Brett and Lorne's trading journey

When we started our individual trading journeys we found we were always on the wrong side of everything to do with trading and could not understand why. We knew all the trading 'How to's' and had both spent a small fortune on all the courses and learnings that were supposed to make us effective traders. We could see when and where we were supposed to be getting into trades, yet could not understand why we could not make consistent money in the market.

After several years of trial and error, we discovered what is required to consistently extract money from the market. We learnt that successful trading is 90% psychology and 10% strategy. We began to assess all areas of our life and create effective change, focused on creating an effective Mindset and became focused on daily Health routines which allowed our bodies to thrive. This allowed us to be in an optimal state to trade and to make effective decisions at the crucial moments. Once we implemented these new practices and applied it to our technical trading approach, we were able to extract triple digit percentage returns from the market.*

*2015-2016 financial year