Meditation through daily practice allows us to primarily begin to sit in stillness bringing the mind, body and spirit back into alignment. While there are many different styles, one of the best starting points is to build the daily habit and 'muscle' of sitting in a quiet state at the very first thing (Before Sun Rise) in the morning. This 'building' will start to realign the whole body in ways that can only be felt through consistent daily practice.

Meditation means to train, calm and empty the mind . In life and trading, meditation becomes a key ritual as it allows you to become the observer to the self which lives and trades, and then start to work with the internal dialogue, rather than have it control you.


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Without breathing we simply do not survive and the cultivating of deep belly breathing consistently allows our body to fill with the life force of Oxygen. Many people in the Western World breath 'Shallow' and without realising deprive their body of oxygen, energy and clarity. There are many breathing methods now being discovered which teach and cultivate breath and a skill which in life and trading are so key it is at number 1 for our daily rituals of practice. 

Step 1 - Breath in through the belly. Hold 

Step 2 - Breath up to and through the shoulders. Hold  

Step 3 - Hold for 5 counts. 

Step 4 - Release slowly and allow the tension and energy to drain from the mind and body. 

Step 5 - Repeat 10 times Slowing each set down as you grow.

MOVE THE BODY. Run, Sprint, Walk.

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Our bodies are like a river stream and require movement to stimulate the perfectly aligned chemical reactions that take place in the process. If we don't move we stop that flow and begin to move into decline.

Daily Practice helps :
Reduce your risk of a heart attack

Manage your weight better.

Have a lower blood cholesterol level.

Have lower blood pressure.

Have stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower the risk of osteoporosis.

It does not matter what you choose to do, just do something that moves the body.


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Yoga is the best described as 'Union'. Union to ones deeper soul and body to discover a true physical alignment with oneness. Yoga's benefits are truly amazing and the this is just some of them:

Improves your flexibility

Builds muscle strength

Perfects your posture

Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

Protects your spine

Betters your bone health

Increases your blood flow

Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

The further you deepen the daily practice the more the body aligns physically and emotionally.


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Want to curb your sick days, get energised, improve immune function, raise testosterone and begin to step outside the comfort zone?  Take a cold shower!

Cold showers are a fantastic way to invigorate the body and mind into a whole new level of energy and optimal health. 

We are constantly living in our comfort zones and in life and trading we will daily be drawn out into the 'Unknown' and 'Uncontrollable' to grow. Daily cold showers allow our breath to deepen and stimulate many healthy chemical reactions through the body to optimal health.


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The ultimate immune booster and anti oxidant. Why is it that we feel so good when we walk with bare feet on the earth? The reason is our immune system functions optimally when our body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily absorbed when our connection is bare feet to earth.

Lots of current research does show that electrons from the earth can protect the body from inflammation and many ailments connected to an inflamed body. Regardless of the time of year grounding yourself by being bare foot is a step in the right direction of optimal health.


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Love is the key to everything we do. Without love we simply do not survive as it truly is the number 1 human requirement of survival. Love starts with the practice of cultivating humble self love and through this practice everyone and thing receives this energy.

What is the best way to begin bringing more love into your life? Hug someone ! When you hug them, hug them so your hearts connect. Why? Our hearts are our connection to everything and our heart math is 5000 times more powerful then our brains.

The heart rules our lives and when we nurture it, it shows in our actions and the way we connect with everyone and thing. Gents get over the fact we have to become softer in embracing this. Its why heart issues in men out weighs women by a huge amount. No joy, no heart.