Through working closely with Brett and Lorne you will develop your breathing practice, a calm mind and the skill of observing the self in the moment of trading to then allow you to move into what is known as TRADING IN THE ZONE. Many traders have a large 'Ah Ha' moment when they realise for the first time that the mind they brought to trading is not the mind required for effective trading. From this new state of awareness, the individual steps into a calm state and tunes into what the market is presenting and acts with ease by following their trading plan. A whole new world emerges for the trader, allowing them to be in flow with life and the markets.

When you have a balanced mindset and are not operating from inner fear or greed, you are in the optimal state to trade. From this place trading becomes effortless and the opportunities tend to flow to you day after day. The KEY to trading the financial markets is the state of mind you are bringing to the markets.