Trading From Within is a 12 month mentorship programme. Our goal is to help you live your best life by having an abundance of time and money. We will help you become the individual you have always desired to be and one that will thrive in all areas of life.

Over our 12 month course, by working one on one and in a small community, you will learn how to trade the global markets by using a systematic approach, build your lifestyle to live in optimal health, and develop your mindset to live abundantly, without inner fear or limiting beliefs.


  • Weekly contact with members:  
    • A key component to guiding members through this journey is allowing them to feel safe and not alone. As the material will at times be in depth and many new habits required, we feel it is particularly important to feel supported through each stage.


  • Face to face sessions:
    • Each month will consist of two face to face meetings with other members allowing each other to share experiences and building connection with people on the same journey.
    • An opportunity to as a group learn more in depth practices around daily food habits and the power they hold for setting up the trading day.
    • Various superfoods and drinks are served in a casual environment which connect into the health element of the program.
    • Sessions are broadcast live to interstate and overseas members.


  • Group webinar's
    • Each month will consist of two group webinar's where everyone will connect and go over the current education and will continue to build on the new skill set. All sessions will be recorded and available for members to revisit any time they feel they need too. 


  • One on One
    • Monthly one on one trading consult with Brett
    • Monthly one on one health consult with Lorne

To keep the integrity of the program and to maintain the quality of the one on one input there is a limit to how many people are able to join this journey which we feel is a terrific advantage. We feel that by working closely with the individual and creating a healthy support with them, a wonderful opportunity is gifted for that person to thrive. 

To get started, contact Brett or Lorne for a free 45 minute consult.

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