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Who I am: I have a strong love of learning and trying new things. I love exploring new ways to improve my health, learning about the mind and the things it can do, and reading books that have a positive impact on my life.

What I’m passionate about: I’m passionate about my family and love every second I am with them. My wife Cheryl, and I have been married for 10 years and we have two amazing children together. I’m a very hands on Dad and love connecting to them at their level.

I love helping others live their best life and building into my community. It’s a magical place when people push beyond their comfort zone and explore unfamiliar territory. This is where life is truly lived and where people re-ignite their passion and let their authentic self shine through.

My trading journey: I’ve been trading the global markets for more than 10 years and in that time I learnt what didn’t work and why so many people gave their money back to the market. Most education providers either sold their recommendations or taught their strategy with little to no follow up support. Since that wasn’t conducive to my learning style I generously gave money back to the market. 

Through trial and error, I realized what I needed to do to consistently extract money from the markets. I put all aspects of my life into balance, tweaked my daily health routine, became emotionally present and changed my mindset to be in flow with the market. Once I made these changes I was able to extract triple digit percent returns from the market.

In my journey, I learnt that the only way to grow as a trader is to make your own decisions. That’s why I’m so passionate about T.F.W, because we teach you everything we do so you can make your own decisions when you trade, with our guidance along the way. Once you have this skill, it is yours for life.



Who I am: I love life and all that it offers in it's many brilliant ways. I regard myself as a student of life and love to look outside of the box to explore what else there is and what else I can learn.

Being born and raised on a farm, I have a strong connection to nature and love all things natural, sustainable and organic. Through farming it has taught me the key skill of resilience and trust in the self and to embrace all that life presents.

In 2013 I became a qualified Holistic Health and Wellness coach by completing my study with IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) in New York. After experiencing loosing loved ones to lifestyle disease and in particular my Mum at a very young age, it has gifted me a huge wake up call for my own path of how we eat, drink and think and to now inspire people into living closer to nature and in far better health in all areas. 

What I'm passionate about: I'm deeply passionate about living a completely abundant life in all areas and following as best I can via natures lead. My wife Loraine and I have been married for 4 years and she as been the most wonderful influence on my life in all areas and allowing me to discover my fullest expression in who I authentically am. Travel, giving, and collecting life experiences are rituals we both live by and we both love living life as healthy as we possibly can.

I find a deep deep passion of communicating with people and groups about the potential available in life and the new life choices they could use to change many things in their life , diet , family and community . I have been a passionate yoga student for 20 years and the daily practice with meditation is the center of my life rituals. I want to live life as an abundant lead firstly to myself and then extend that into my family and the world as best I can.

My trading journey: I have been a financial markets trader for 15 years and have experienced the many ups and downs trading as offered. I came to trading with a very large EGO and like many traders counted the zeros before they arrived and in return received a great humbling from the markets. I have lost a lot of money and made a lot of money, but I always found something missing from what I was doing and being taught. Through Synchronicity and persistence Brett and I feel we have now pieced together a programme that covers the most key aspects to trading and life and this will bring a highly functioning, emotionally regulated and successful person to the trading  world.