After 15 years of trial and error investing in the share markets, and after much pain, suffering and financial loss, my passion for trading never faded. 

Totally fed up and frustrated I decided to take a different route and get educated in technical trading. On this journey I was lucky enough to come across Trading From Within.

They helped me to construct a very good trading plan. The system is very simplistic, consistent and repeatable. 

Brett and Lorne are knowledgeable, incredibly patient and encouraging teachers, who are really passionate about guiding me on the right path to success. 

The problem out there in the trading world is that people are constantly talking up all of these amazing trading systems, but these systems never focus on the really important things, such as mindset and risk management. This is where Trading From Within stands out from the pack. In my opinion, they combine a great trading plan with healthy diet and lifestyle education to create an optimal mindset for peak performance trading. 

They are truly focused on educating people and guiding them on a path to self discovery, wealth and a balanced healthy lifestyle with unlimited freedom.


Simon has made a 30% return in 5 months*

Simon has made a 30% return in 5 months*


What separates Trading From Within is the holistic approach Brett and Lorne take in guiding and empowering the individual to trade the market as they see it using proven strategies that work. Technically, I have learnt how to trade and observe market action, follow trend setups and signals and know which way to trade the market, up or down.

More importantly, my journey with TFW has taught me what truly separates the top 5% of traders. Brett and Lorne cut to the core of what trading is all about. I have explored my passion for trading, which is critical in becoming a successful trader. Ultimately though, the journey with Brett and Lorne has taken me to the realisation that it is yourself that really requires the work and that you trade your beliefs. 

It is these key ingredients that have, and continue, to unlock the possibilities waiting for me. With the experienced guidance of Brett and Lorne, I have grown in many ways mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Not only am I now trading full time, I am fitter, healthier, happier and have more energy than I can recall. What TFW do is build a foundation that will last a lifetime. What a gift!


*Simon's results are between Sept'15 and Feb'16



I never imagined what a difference Trading From Within would have to my overall health and wellbeing. Having been a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 4 years, with advice from Lorne and Brett I have had a massive improvement in a very short time.

I am now a happy 5am riser and exercise regularly without pain and have a very positive outlook for the future. A total back flip to how I was before joining. The TFW program is very unique with its focus not just on the stock market but also on health and mindset, which helps with not just trading but every other aspect in day to day life. Also, the whole family has benefited from TFW.

The weekly group sessions are enjoyable, very informative and explained in a clear and easy to understand manner. Brett and Lorne compliment each other to make a great team. Thoroughly recommend this program to anyone.