Trading From Within is a 12 month mentorship programme. Our goal is to help you live your best life by having an abundance of time and money. We will help you become the individual you have always desired to be and one that will thrive in all areas of life.

Over our 12 month course, by working one on one and in a small community, you will learn how to trade the global markets by using a systematic approach, build your lifestyle to live in optimal health, and develop your mindset to live abundantly, without inner fear or limiting beliefs.

Brett and Lorne's trading journey

When we started our individual trading journeys we found we were always on the wrong side of everything to do with trading and could not understand why. We knew all the trading 'How to's' and had both spent a small fortune on all the courses and learnings that were supposed to make us effective traders. We could see when and where we were supposed to be getting into trades, yet could not understand why we could not make consistent money in the market.

After several years of trial and error, we discovered what is required to consistently extract money from the market. We learnt that successful trading is 90% psychology and 10% strategy. We began to assess all areas of our life and create effective change, focused on creating an effective Mindset and became focused on daily Health routines which allowed our bodies to thrive. This allowed us to be in an optimal state to trade and to make effective decisions at the crucial moments. Once we implemented these new practices and applied it to our technical trading approach, we were able to extract triple digit percentage returns from the market.*

*2015-2016 financial year


Trading the global indices is a tool that we use to live well, empower ourselves and empower others. Our goal is to teach you what we do and what is required to successfully navigate an ever changing market. Once you have this skill, it's yours for life.



  • If you are new to trading, Brett will give you private sessions to teach you everything you need to know, one on one.
  • Learn how to use the web based and mobile trading platform to trade anywhere in the world.
  • Create a detailed trading plan. This will outline when to enter the trade, what to do once you are in the trade and when to exit the trade.
  • Have access to a self calculating trading spreadsheet where all of your trades are recorded.
  • Have every one of your trades reviewed weekly, which speeds up learning and limits recurring errors.
  • Create your own pre-trading routine which will get you into a peak trading state before you place a trade.



  • Through our trading provider, there are no fees if you don't hold a trade overnight (brokerage/CFD interest ect), so your starting account can be any size.
  • We only identify an entry. Once we are in a trade, we set orders to exit at a predetermined level, so you can 'set and forget'.
  • Use the benefits of compounding. When you are trading well, your trade size increases giving you more profit with the same level of activity.
  • For the majority of our strategies, we don't hold a position over night. You can sleep soundly knowing that you can't get 'caught out' on a big market move overnight.
  • You can profit if the market goes up OR if the market goes down.
  • We use a technical approach to the market, so there is no need to read financial reports or follow financial news.


During the 12 months you will work one on one with Lorne who is a Holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach. Our bodies are meant to thrive and by understanding the food practices that work for you, your body will begin to function optimally. 



Firstly Lorne will complete an extensive Health History with you to understand your body. This sets the foundation to, possibly for the first time, learn to construct the ideal daily lifestyle plan by creating your own personal bio-individuality. 

Creating a highly functioning body is absolute KEY to being in an effective state of mind for trading. When we feel relaxed, peaceful, calm and healthy, our body is gifting us the energy and focus to make clear, confident decisions. If our body is tired, stressed or out of alignment we will often make poor decisions. The more experience you accumulate in the market, the more you will begin to see how important it is to make wise food and lifestyle choices.


Through working closely with Brett and Lorne you will develop your breathing practice, a calm mind and the skill of observing the self in the moment of trading to then allow you to move into what is known as TRADING IN THE ZONE. Many traders have a large 'Ah Ha' moment when they realise for the first time that the mind they brought to trading is not the mind required for effective trading. From this new state of awareness, the individual steps into a calm state and tunes into what the market is presenting and acts with ease by following their trading plan. A whole new world emerges for the trader, allowing them to be in flow with life and the markets.

When you have a balanced mindset and are not operating from inner fear or greed, you are in the optimal state to trade. From this place trading becomes effortless and the opportunities tend to flow to you day after day. The KEY to trading the financial markets is the state of mind you are bringing to the markets.


  • Weekly contact with members:  
    • A key component to guiding members through this journey is allowing them to feel safe and not alone. As the material will at times be in depth and many new habits required, we feel it is particularly important to feel supported through each stage.


  • Weekly Group Webinar's
    • Each week we run a group webinar where everyone will connect and go over the current education and will continue to build on the new skill set. All sessions will be recorded and available for members to revisit any time they feel they need too. 


  • Two on One calls
    • Monthly two on one trading consult with Brett and Lorne. We both monitor your progress and guide you on your trading, mindset and health journey.


  • Group Discussion Forum
    • Our group has the ability to communicate each other to discuss anything that comes up with the program


  • Group Outings
    • For the members in Perth, we organise a casual event a few times a year to celebrate the journey we are all on.

To keep the integrity of the program and to maintain the quality of the one on one input there is a limit to how many people are able to join this journey which we feel is a terrific advantage. We feel that by working closely with the individual and creating a healthy support with them, a wonderful opportunity is gifted for that person to thrive. 

To get started, contact Brett or Lorne for a free 45 minute consult.

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