Trading the global indices is a tool that we use to live well, empower ourselves and empower others. Our goal is to teach you what we do and what is required to successfully navigate an ever changing market. Once you have this skill, it's yours for life.



  • If you are new to trading, Brett will give you private sessions to teach you everything you need to know, one on one.
  • Learn how to use the web based and mobile trading platform to trade anywhere in the world.
  • Create a detailed trading plan. This will outline when to enter the trade, what to do once you are in the trade and when to exit the trade.
  • Have access to a self calculating trading spreadsheet where all of your trades are recorded.
  • Have every one of your trades reviewed weekly, which speeds up learning and limits recurring errors.
  • Create your own pre-trading routine which will get you into a peak trading state before you place a trade.



  • Through our trading provider, there are no fees (brokerage/CFD interest ect), so your starting account can be any size.
  • We only identify an entry. Once we are in a trade, we set orders to exit at a predetermined level, so you can 'set and forget'.
  • Use the benefits of compounding. When you are trading well, your trade size increases giving you more profit with the same level of activity.
  • We don't hold a position over night. You can sleep soundly knowing that you can't get 'caught out' on a big market move overnight.
  • You can profit if the market goes up OR if the market goes down.
  • We use a technical approach to the market, so there is no need to read financial reports or follow financial news.