It is key to understand that the actual trading is just one component of being a successful trader. Trading, as we like to consider it, is a three legged stool, 1- Trading method, 2 - Emotions and 3 - Wellbeing.  When any of these three are missing from your daily trading practice, you can miss the potential opportunities the markets offer you. Trading From Within is about gifting the student the skill set to have all three areas functioning optimally.


Wealth is measured in many different ways by people. Some regard it as all about money, some focus on family and some on health. We believe that Wealth is measured in abundance in all areas of life. To experience 'Complete Wealth' all areas of life must be gifted attention and understood. The money will take care of itself when you understand yourself and who you are presenting to Trading.


2000 years ago , Hippocrates famously said,"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food."

Today nothing has changed in the power of food and knowing how to apply it to your body and life. Today many don't eat food at all, they eat food-like substances and the result is a world growing in disease.

 The system is not complicated in what to eat and how to live in a healthy state, it is about becoming disciplined in the choices you make to reward the body with optimal health. By eating and drinking organic foods and drinks like: vegetables, nuts, seeds, clean sources of protein, fruits, superfoods, spring water, clean natural fats and fermented foods and drinks you naturally connect to the food system which completely balances the body allowing it to thrive. The more you consume these foods the better your mind and body will function. The amazing part to using real food to live by, is you don't have to count calories or measure anything. The body knows what it needs and will self correct when we are consistent with disciplined daily choices.

What does living at optimal health feel like?  

When your body is performing at an optimal level you feel energised, happy, positive, calm, lean, disease and aliment free. Optimal health is the experience of following real food practices, daily movement, sleep and having an inner healthy mindset, choosing to live life purposefully. With these a part of our daily practice we flow into optimal health, which lasts day after day.


Mindset is often seen as a trendy word, yet many people don't ever really understand the power which we hold within our minds. What you think you become and therefore if you begin your day with a poor internal conversation, then you will create just that.

Trading is a journey that will expose often for the first time the internal dialogue that has been going on without you  knowing exactly where it all came from. 'WE TRADE OUR BELIEFS' and if we do not understand what they are , then you will time and time again find a great deal of confusion in the markets. Through building daily rituals of mediation, movement, awareness and breathing you will start to see what you have possibly been missing. Through daily practice you will start to experience a new self that has been waiting all along to emerge , but often hidden and trapped by the old dialogue.

What mindset work do we do in T.F.W? 

 LEARNING TO BREATH DEEPLY  - When the habit of deep breath is created, we are balanced emotionally and stress is taken away. From this place of being a relaxed individual we can build the internal state to one of safety, allowing the individual to approach the market in a calm state of mind.

MEDITATION and AWARENESS  - Meditation is about understanding our internal world and the thoughts which are on loop 24/7 without us being aware of them. In trading you will begin to realise that a calm state of mind is required to observe the action and not react to the action. Meditation is a life skill that develops the calm state of mind for trading practice as well as life. 

MOVEMENT - When we move, we spark off a reaction within the body called 'Feel good endorphins' and this creates the balanced feeling of a positive life, happiness, joy and general positivity. However, when we sit sedentary then we can start to slip into negative or depressed emotions and a  poor internal state of mind. Adding movement to the day  allows the body to release any stored stress and we become settled for the trading day.